Download GB WhatsApp Latest Version 2022 – We are gonna learn how we can download GBWhatsApp latest version of 2022 and we will discuss every feature of GBWhatsApp. You can use both normal Whatsapp and GBWhatsApp on your phone.

You are able to download GB WhatsApp from this page.  Then we will gain knowledge of each and everything about GBWhatsApp’s features. So, without wasting any time let’s get started.

What is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a different version of the ordinary Whatsapp. It’s a modified variant of Whatsapp. It has a lot of extra features. This feature has been made this variant better than the basic version of the WhatsApp application.

Because these features can do better than the basic version of the WhatsApp application. In this variant, you will find advanced features like privacy options, improved messaging ability, Anti-Ban, DND (Do Not Disturb – mutes all calls, alerts, and notifications of GBWhatsApp) mode, etc. 

The latest version of GBWhatsApp is claimed as secure, safe, and quickly responsive. It’s still developing with new functionalities every day. So, we can say that there has no shortage of customization options. GBWhatsApp is getting popular day by day. This version has been downloaded 6,000,000+ all over the world. The GBWhatsApp is also known as the Mod Version of Whatsapp

How to Download GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version?

We already know what is GBWhatsApp and what’s the differences between the GBWhatsApp and the basic version of the WhatsApp application. Now it’s time to learn how we can download GB WhatsApp. So, let’s go for it.

GBWhatsapp download 2022: Download GBWhatsApp for iPhone

If you are an IOS user then follow the following steps to download GB WhatsApp. Don’t miss any steps. You need to update your IOS device to the latest version if it’s possible. Because you will find some lags and crashes if your device works under IOS 13. Still, you can download GB WhatsApp.

Step 1. To download GBWhatsApp on your IOS device you are gonna need a third-party app and that is the ‘Panda Helper app.

To download GB WhatsApp app you need to go to your safari browser and search ‘panda help’. You can directly visit the site by clicking this link: Now, you have to download GB WhatsApp free version for your device. So, download GB WhatsApp apk. 

Step 2. When the download GB WhatsApp is complete you need to install this on your device. To do that you need to go to the settings of your phone. In here you will find an option ‘General’. Click on it.

Now scroll down and press the ‘Device Management’ potion. Here, you need to click on the ‘Hongkong Land’ option. After clicking this option you will find this app. So, just simply click it and install it. 

Step 3. Now open the app and search ‘WhatsApp Watusi’. Now, you will find 4 search results. But you have gotta choose the 3rd one.

Which is WhatsApp Watusi. I know now you are thinking about why I am telling you to install the third one and why I am not suggesting you not download the other three apps. Trust me those other 3 apps are not able to complete the work. I’ve tried to use those apps but I failed. So, install ‘WhatsApp Watusi’.

That’s all. You are good to go. You must be thinking that this app is not named as GBWhatsApp. But this one is the GBWhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp is a mod version that’s why IOS devices have no official permission to use this app. That’s why you need a third-party application to use it. And that’s the only reason for its weird name. 

 Download GBWhatsapp Pro Apk 2022: Download GB WhatsApp for android

We have learned to download GB WhatsApp for iPhone. Now, we will learn how we can download GBWhatsApp for Android Devices. To enjoy the GBWhatsApp on your android device your phone’s android version must need to be android 4.3 or above.

So, you can use this app on your android device. Let’s see how we can download GB WhatsApp on our android device step by step. Don’t miss any steps. 

Step 1. You must read the requirement that your phone needs to be up to android version 4.3. Now click this link: 

Step 2. On this website, scroll down until you find the ‘Download GBWhatsApp’ option. Click on it. Now, scroll down and you will find the suitable version for your device. Just simply download that version as you want. 

Step 3. When the download is complete, pull down the notification bar and tap the downloaded notification and click install. You can also install it from your phone’s file manager. All you have to do is go to your file manager and find the DCIM folder in your phone’s storage.

In here you will find the downloads folder. Into the downloads folder, you will find your downloaded app. Click on it and install it.

That’s all. You are good to go. The method of downloading GBWhatsApp is quite a hassle on IOS devices. But downloading and installing GBWhatsApp on android devices is very easy.

All you have to do is read the instruction given above and follow the method step by step. Then you will be able to do that without any hesitation. 

We already have known how we can download GBWhatsApp on both android and IOS devices. Now, we will see some details of this application. So, let’s go for it.


Some valuable details of the GBWhatsApp APK file:

Application’s Name GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp++, WhatsApp Watusi
Version 4.3 and above(Android), Recommended IOS13 (IOS, iPhones)
Total Downloads 6,000,000+
Application’s Size 44.3 MB
Root Required No need to Root your device
Speciality Different Mod and Extra Features
Version Latest
Last Update  In 1 Week
Requirements and Permissions An Internet connection(WIFI Connection Recommended), Device’s Location, Contact’s Access, Identity of your Device, Gallery’s Access, External Storage’s Access. 


Now, we got more information about GBWhatsApp from this chart. We will discuss more. But now let’s take a look at the compression between the basic version of WhatsApp and the GBWhatsApp. Let’s get started.


Compression between the basic version of WhatsApp and the GBWhatsApp:

Features WhatsApp GBWhatsApp
Characters Length’s Status More than 139 Characters More than 255 Characters
Sharing Documents at Once 30 100
Size of Media Sharing  15 MB 50MB
Hide Last Scene NO Yes
Documents Sharing (PDF & TXT) NO Yes
Status Copying NO Yes
Changing Theme NO Yes
Sending Blank Messages NO  Yes
Supported Languages 130 45


Alright if you read the whole content then now you know the differences between the basic version of WhatsApp and the GBWhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp has been very popular recently. Because of its last 2022 version. So, let’s see what kind of upgrades and new features has been added in this latest version. 


New features and upgrades of GBWhatsApp latest version of 2022:

  1. Anti-Ban System.
  2. Fixed Old Lags and Bugs.
  3. New Base Look.
  4. Chat Hiding Feature.
  5. Recording Status Hide Feature.
  6. Backup Feature.
  7. Able to Create Your Own Theme and Use It. You can also share it. 
  8. Able to Add stickers from Google Play.
  9. Dark Theme Feature (Day-Night Mo).
  10. New Awsome Tick Styles.
  11. Able to Change the Notify-Bar Icon.
  12. Video Statuses of Up to Seven Minutes.
  13. Lots of GIF Providers and You Can Also Create Them.

There are the 2 most popular Mods of GBWhatsApp. One is AlexMods and the other one is HeyMods. These 2 mods are very useful and very demanded all over the world.

These 2 mods can offer some really advanced features that can’t offer in the other modes. So, now we will discuss something more about these 2 mods.

Download GB WhatsApp AlexMod

GBWhatsApp has a very minimalistic mod, which is known as the ‘AlexMod’. This mod is very popular all over the world. I personally use this mod. This mod can give a very decent performance to every user. Also, its features work better than the other mods.

We can customize more than we want. There are three versions of GBWhatsApp AlexMod. They are WhatsApp Plus v14.00, GBWhatsApp Pro v14.00, and the last one is OGWhatsApp Pro v14.00. To download GBWhatsApp AlexMod click this link: https://犀利士


Download GB WhatsApp HeyMod

Most of the mod lovers use this mod. GBWhatsApp is no longer being maintained. So, HeyMods Team pays tribute to the developer of GBWhatsApp. They built the fantastic mods and inspired them to build the new version of GBWhatsApp and extend the life of GBWhatsApp.

HeyMods has no multiple versions like AlexMods. It has only one version. So, it’s easy to download GB WhatsApp Heymod mod. To download GB WhatsApp this mod click this link:

Now, we know what is AlexMod and HeyMod. What about if we take a look into the features of these two mods side by side. So, we will be clear about the difference between these two mods. Let’s go for it.


Features of AlexMod & HeyMod

AlexMod HeyMod
  1. Dark Theme
  2. Change color, theme, and profile
  3. Backup and restore features
  4. Download GB WhatsApp stories
  1. Dark theme
  2. Customizable themes
  3. Change the color of the tick
  4. Animated stickers
  5. Hide chats and privacy terms
  6. Backup and restore feature
  7. Download story


Well HeyMod has a lot of features that are missing in the AlexMod. Still, I personally like the AlexMod most. Well, I can’t assure you that you will like Alex Mod too. It’s totally up to you.

I like this mod most because of its service. It can offer you no lag and no bug service. Also, now I have used to it. I’m not telling that AlexMod is better than HeyMod. Of course, HeyMod has some features that are missing in AlexMod. Actually, I like the interface of the AlexMod.

It has a clean and minimalistic look. I’ve also used the HeyMod too. But I feel comfortable with AlexMod. I also agree that HeyMod is better than AlexMod. 


What are the Benefits of GBWhatsApp?

If you are still confused to choose one from GBWhatsApp and the basic version of WhatsApp then now your confusion will be gone. Because now I’m going to tell you some benefits of GBWhatsApp. You are really going to enjoy the benefits. So, let’s get started.


Benefits of GBWhatsApp:

  1. You can keep yourself safe from malware.
  2. You can get access to free themes which are developed by users of this app.
  3. You can copy your daily story, status, images, quotes, and videos.
  4. You are able to send large files like videos, images, APKs, songs, and other files, but not more than 50 MB. 
  5. You can use dual or multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device.
  6. You are able to use the official version of WhatsApp and GBWA simultaneously.
  7. You can hide your online status.
  8. You are allowed to share more than ten photos simultaneously.
  9. You can hide your message by using the hidden message ticks. 
  10. You can enjoy unlimited addition and usage of stickers.
  11. Post long video statuses on your WhatsApp of up to seven minutes
  12. You can customize emojis and make them available for your contacts too.
  13. You can change the app icon on the menu and your notification bar very easily.
  14. Even if you’re not on the WhatsApp business version, you can still enjoy the auto-reply feature.
  15. You can customize and use your own themes and share that with other users too.
  16. You are allowed to keep your messages secure by setting up a password for your app.
  17. You can use a third-party video player to play video files on your app.

I hope now you are totally clear that why you should use GBWhatsApp. In one sentence if I told you about GBWhatsApp then I can say that GBWhatsApp is an application that has fulfilled our every demand and expectation of WhatsApp. 

Now we are going to talk about GBWhatsApp features in detail. We will know everything about its features and how to use them. So, let’s get started.

Airplane Feature: After opening this app, you will find this feature at the top of the middle side. It looks like a Wi-Fi icon. If you turn it on then you won’t be able to send and receive any message to anyone until you turn it on. I think it’s a very necessary feature.

It’s also a cool feature. Because there will be no activity of sending and receiving any message if you open the app too. Sometimes we went busy and our phones Do Not Disturb mode do not work properly. This feature will help you a lot in that situation. 

Dark Theme Feature: You will find this feature on the right side of airplane mode. Its icon looks like a Moon. Whenever you turn it on your homepage will be turned into a dark theme.

It’s very eye comfortable and it looks very cool. If you want to turn it off just simply click the icon again. And it will be a bright white homepage again. You can also make it automatic. So that it will turn on after the evening and turn off after the money.

Download GB WhatsApp night mode
Night Mode Of GBWhatsapp

Hide & Unhide Feature: To hide a contact you have to go to the three lines icon which is In the upper right corner of your home page. Now you have to go to the GB settings option.

The next step is the ‘Privacy and Security’ menu and then go to the ‘Recovery Question’ option. Now you have to select a question and the answer and you gotta remember that. A Pradesh came back to the homepage and select the contact you want to hide.

After the selection click the three lines and you will find the ‘Hide Chat’ option. Just simply click on it. Now the app will want a lock. So, choose a lock and that’s it. That contact will be hidden. 

To open that hidden chat all you have to do is click the ‘WhatsApp’ word and fill the lock. To unhide that contact you need to select that contact in the hidden section and then unhide it from the three lines. 


What will we do if we forget the lock of the hidden section? 

After hiding something, we forget the lock that we have set on the hidden section. Now we will learn what will we do in that case. You must remember that we have set a recovery question and answer, now we are gonna use it.

Whenever you try to enter into the hidden section you will see there is a ‘Reset’ word. Click on it. Now you will find that question that you set when you were setting up the recovery setting. You have to put down the same answer that you were given in the recovery settings.

After that when you select OK you will find that contact on your homepage. 

Freeze Last Seen Feature: This one is the coolest feature I’ve ever seen. To enjoy that feature go to the three lines icon and then GB settings. Now go to the ‘Privacy and Security’ menu and turn on the ‘Freeze Last Scene’ option. Now you need to restart the application and it will start working.

download gb whatsapp freeze last seen on gb whatsapp
Last Seen Turn Of GBWhatsapp

Whenever you turn it on it will hide your online activity. None of your friends will know that you are active in online. All of’em will see you offline. After this, you’ll find the option ‘Contacts’.In the Contacts option, you need to select the ‘Hide Blue Ticks’ option.

Now if anyone sends you any message then nobody will see that you have already seen this message. There will be no seen sign. Not just this you can hide second tick, blue microphone, typing, and recording. I personally like these features most. You can do the same things with group settings. 

Theme Feature: Go to the themes option of the settings. Here you can download 4000 themes. You can customize your own themes too. All you have to do is click install and allow the notification.

You can customize the homepage in the ‘Universal’ setting. You can change the look and feel as you want. You can change the font size, style, emojis, and so on.

download gb whatsapp get theme features on gbwhatsapp
Get theme features on gbwhatsapp

Here you will find multiple WhatsApp icons you can choose any of them. You can change both the notification icons and the launch icons. You can choose them separately. It will show you separately. 

In the basic version of WhatsApp, there is an annoying feature. That is auto-download the Photos, Videos, and Gifs that were sent from someone.

In GBWhatsApp you can get rid of this annoying feature. You can turn off this feature manually. So, that GBWhatsApp will never download something like that. Unless it will do the same as the basic version of WhatsApp. 

But there is an annoying problem with the GBWhatsApp. There is no automatic backup system. You need to backup your data manually.

In the primary version of WhatsApp when the backup is necessary the app will notify you after entering the app. Well, I’m missing this feature in GBWhatsApp. However, GBWhatsApp is upgrading day by day. So, I hope they will fix this problem in the next update.

Without this, there are no single problems and hesitation in this app. This app works better than the primary version. 

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FAQ About GB Whatsapp

Is it safe to download GB WhatsApp?

Its totally safe to download GB WhatsApp in your device if you download from right place. I have shared the safest way to download GB WhatsApp. You can follow the steps and be safe.

Also if you are a free fire gamer then you can explore Free Fire Mod Apk (Unlimited Diamonds) Download.

Final Conclusion

If you read this content carefully, you will be able to choose the best WhatsApp. Your every doubt will be cleared about GBWhatsApp. Now, you know how to maintain GBWhatsApp.

You can also download GB WhatsApp from this content. In this content, you will find different versions of GBWhatsApp. You can download GB WhatsApp suitable version for your device. 

WhatsApp is a daily necessary app in our daily life. We are using it in every activity. So, privacy is very in this case. GBWhatsApp can offer us super privacy features. That’s why I think we should go for it.


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