Today we will talk about how to call and text anonymously. Calling or texting somewhere anonymously is called call and text anonymous. It is very important to call or text somewhere anonymously. Sometimes it causes harm to someone.

To make anonymous calls and texts, you need to hide your caller ID in the settings of your phone app. When you do this, the person you call will not see your real phone number, but is only being called by a “personal number”.

Many of us have a variety of apps on our smartphones. In this crowd of apps, we can often forget that many people can message or call with their smartphones.

Online safety has grown exponentially over the past few years. As a result, we may think that it is not possible to call or text someone anonymously. But no, that’s really possible, and that’s what I’m going to talk about now

Some easiest ways to call and text anonymously

There are some easy ways to text or message someone anonymously. Some simple techniques or third-party apps can be used for calling and texting anonymously. Do you want to call someone and you don’t want them to know your identity?

You probably only want to communicate with someone in a secure and encrypted way, so no one but the two of you can access your communication. All these options are on our smartphones. Now let’s talk about this topic.

Why do we call anonymously?

We call a person or organization anonymously for various reasons. You may want to avoid telemarketers, robocalls, stalkers, and even scams. The default setting of any smartphone is that it is displayed when you call someone.

For this, you need to keep your identity secret by using your third-party app. When you do this they will not see your number. They will only see calls from a private number. The settings are a bit different for Android and iOS. Now we will show you how to make an anonymous call on Android and iOS.

How to make an anonymous call using an Android device?

Not all Android device settings are the same. And it is not possible for me to show the settings of all the Android devices. I can only talk with the settings of the Android device I have.

The smartphone I have is the OnePlus. Now I will tell you how to hide caller ID from OnePlus. The following rules are mentioned.

  1. You first open the app on the dial pad of your mobile.
  2. Then click the three-dot button at the top of the dial pad and select Settings.
  3. Then open the call settings.
  4. Then select the SIM you are using.
  5. Or if you have a SIM on your phone then you skip this step.
  6.  Then click on Additional Settings.
  7. Then click on Caller ID
  8. Then select the Hide Number option.

This process is the process of hiding the caller ID of the OnePlus device. In this way, it is possible to call while keeping one’s identity secret.


How to make an anonymous call using an iOS device?

I have an iPhone 7 Plus. Now I will show you how to keep your caller ID secret through iOS. In the case of iOS, it is very easy to hide caller ID. It is easier to hide caller ID in iOS than in Android. So without further ado, now I will show you how to hide caller ID in iOS.

The process of hiding caller ID using iOS is given below

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

  1. Then click on the phone option. 
  2. Then click on Show My Caller ID.
  3. Then turn off this option.

This way you can easily hide your caller ID using iOS. This way you can call any person or organization without revealing your identity by using iOS.

Some warnings were given to text somewhere anonymously

It is possible to text anywhere with anonymity. You need to use some special website for that. If you are thinking of testing somewhere while keeping your identity secret, but for that, you need to be careful.

There are some unscrupulous websites that will suggest you send your writing. You have to choose these carefully. They will promise to text you but will try to install malware on your device later. If you receive a message from an unknown source, don’t forget to click on the link. As a result, your mobile phone can be severely damaged.

How to text somewhere anonymously?

If you use a reliable website, of course, it is possible to send a text anonymously somewhere. A trusted website is Their website is much easier to understand.

You can easily use this website to text anonymously. Here is how to use this website. The instructions are given to follow:

  1. Open the website.
  2. Make sure you present the sender on the recipient’s device. 
  3. The best choice is to keep your identity secret.
  4. Then you can choose UK or US phone number to be displayed.
  5. Then enter the recipient’s phone number correctly. Be sure to give the correct country code
  6. Then type the text you want to send. 
  7. Select whether you want to send it now or later.
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Pay for your text. You can pay by via PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or by credit card.

All of these methods allow you to text while keeping your identity secret.

Final Conclusion

There are also some downsides to anonymous text and calls. As such there are some fact sites in these cases. However, with proper guidance and instruction, these can be avoided.

It is possible to text and calls anonymously. The above has been discussed in detail. We can easily keep our identities secret by adopting these simple methods. Using these methods can actually keep your identity secret. And in this way, it is possible to call or message while keeping one’s identity.

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