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MX Player is fully known for video and movie players. It is famous all over the world. You know it also launches a new version which is MX Player Pro.


You know MX Player is free to use, but its new version MX Player Pro is paid for use. The new version of MX Player includes a variety of amazing and amazing features.


In this article, I have mentioned how you can download the latest version of MX Player. You can easily download the apk of MX Player Pro without any problem.


If you want to download the apk of MX Player Pro then you should read this article till the end.


What is MX Player Pro APK


MX Player Pro is one of the best and most loved video players and movie players on Android, which is developed by MX Media & Entertainment.


MX Player Pro comes with so many new and amazing features. MX Player Pro 7th is the best app for android users to watch videos and movies. It is very attractive when you talk about the interface of MX Player Pro.


It has a user -friendly interface that is easy and simple to use. So, very quickly won the hearts of the users of MX Player Pro. You must know that every app has its own pros and cons.. It has some great features and some benefits too.


MX Player Pro ID is not a free app but, MX Player is a free online video and movie watcher on Android. When you use this new version of MX Player you will not get a lot of ads so, without any movement, you can spend more time on it.


Like download any movie or video and watch this movie on MX Player Pro. I am sure you will enjoy watching it more. MX Player Pro has some improvements and some new features added but it is not much different from their original version of MX Player.


From here you can download some new movies which are not available on YouTube or others. So, overall this appraisal is very useful and wonderful for Android users.


What are the Features of MX Player Pro


You must have known about the app in which you invest money. It comes with a lot of advanced features. Some old features Which were not working properly are removed from MX Player Pro and replaced by some really amazing features.


In MX Player Pro In this feature is included which is very useful for the user. Due to which the user is very much attracted.


Any user of MX Player Pro without any problem finds it easy and simple to use. Below I have mentioned some of the new features of MX Player Pro.


MX Player Pro comes with no ads

Many times when you are watching some important video in MX Player. It shows a lot of very annoying ads. Most people don’t like to see ads.


So looking at all these problems in the new version of MX player pro which does not come with ads. So, in this new version, you can see more time than before.


After downloading the new version of MX Player that is MX Playe威而鋼
r pro. In this new app you can watch videos without showing any ads.


MX Player Pro Supports All Subtitle Format


You know that the new version of MX Player, that is MX Player Pro comes with a new amazing feature that supports all subtitle formats. If you love to watch foreign-language movies then, you are undoubtedly a big consumer of subtitles.


Most of the time MX Player Pro uses subtitles with the video file but the original version of this praises which does not support all subtitle formats. That makes it more interesting while watching any movie.



MX Player Pro also added some unique feature which is below

  • Baby lock
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Redesigned View Menu
  • Redesigned Dashboard


Interface of MX Player Pro (100)


The interface of MX Player Pro is very amazing and attractive. You know it comes with multi-core decoding for up to 70% performance boost, apart from decoding it also supports the NVIDIA Tegra K1 series.


One of the best things that I love about the latest version of the MX Player is that, It comes with a child-lock system . When you give your phone to your kids, don’t worry, the interface will help you feel safe.


You know when you watch a movie in MX Player Pro. The color of the display varies between the last seen movie and the finished movies. You know it maintains the resume position for every movie. It also has many different topics.


How to Download MX Player Pro APK


Also, The MX Player Pro APK download process is easy. If you want to download the new version of MX Player that is MX Player Pro and you don’t know how to do it, you have to follow the steps below.


  • First of all, in any browser open and search the MX player app.
  • Then, scroll down to the bottom to find download button.
  • Once you see the download button, then just tap on the download button.
  • Always remember that you need to make sure to select the proper button as per the requirement of your device.
  • After downloading the apk of MX Player Pro, you have to open your phone settings and enable Unknown sources.


Finally MX Player Pro is the competition downloaded on your device. So, you enjoy this application.


Pros and Cons



  • Pro Hardware Acceleration
  • Pro Built-in Touch Lock Feature
  • Baby lock



  • No color adjustments like Saturation, Hue, and Contrast
  • AC3 support
  • No Chromecast support





In conclusion, I hope you are successfully downloading the apk of MX Player Pro without facing any problem.


If you don’t want to download apk of MX Player Pro, that too for free, then you have to read the above because I have mentioned all the steps to download apk.



If you face any kind of problem while downloading the apk of MX Player Pro then let me know in the comment section.

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