Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan – Today we are going to talk about Suzuki Alto. Suzuki is a famous international brand. They are very famous because they can offer so many features in a chipper price range. Every year they launch some really cool cars in the chipper price range. On 16 October 2012, they launch the last version of Suzuki Alto.


There are no countries where are no demands for cars. In Pakistan, there is a huge demand for Maruti Suzuki’s cars. Suzuki Alto is also very popular in Pakistan. This car is affordable for everyone. So, most of the people in Pakistan use this car as their carrier. This car has gone very common for the taxi or cab service. Not just cab and taxi drivers but also family members use this car for various purposes. 


Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan


Suzuki Alto has become very popular in Pakistan. The current price of this car in the Pakistan market has started from 1,198,000 PKR to 1,633,000 PKR


Suzuki Alto in Pakistan


Suzuki Alto is the first car of 660 CC in Pakistan. Which was the AGS VXL variant. This car was produced in the Pakistani market locally. That’s why this car’s launch event was the most anticipated launch that year. 


Before this car, there were a lot of 660 CC cars in Pakistan. But those were JDM cars. JDM means Japanese Domestic Model. Those cars were specially made for Japan. Those cars were imported into Pakistani markets to use in Pakistan. Those cars were also known as key cars. Those cars were made in japan because this car’s maneuverability is very easy and its fuel economy is quite decent. 


There is Alto’s 8th generation is available in the whole world. But Alto AGS VXL is the 4th generation model. Which is very popular in Pakistan. Before 1989, Suzuki FX cars were very popular in Pakistan. After 1989, Suzuki FX has named Suzuki Alto. From 2000 to 2011, Suzuki Alto 1000 CC went very popular in Pakistan. 


This car’s most interesting fact is Pakistan is the 2nd country after Japan that Suzuki Alto is been producing locally. Most of the 600 CC cars on Pakistani roads are not available with a warranty. Only this car is providing a 1-year warranty or 60,000 KM warranty. 


Suzuki Alto Design


If we talk about the front light, the headlights really look so great with an instigator inside. This car’s front grill is also made of the best quality elements. If we compare this car with the JDM model then there is a rectangular hole in the front side. This car is made with aerodynamics shape. Because this is an economic sector car. Because of this car’s design, this car can offer maximum fuel efficiency.


 This car is not able to use aftermarket fog lame. This car has been made with a metal body. The door handles and mirrors were made with this car’s body color. In the color section of the cars, there is still room for improvement. 


There is seven color variant in Suzuki Alto. They are Pappel Black, Graphite Grey, Silky Silver, Solid White, Purple Red, Sand Beige, and Cerulean Blue. If we talk about the Diggi it looks very bulky and beautiful. There is a bigger roof-mounted brake light on the backside. But there is no viper in the backside. They used the brake lights in a tricky place. That’s why the brake lights will never break. 


If we talk about the boot space, there is a lot of space. The driver can carry a bigger bag with 2 or 3 small bags. If anyone needs more space just fold the sites and increase the boot space. But the passenger’s space will get intolerable That does not end here. There is a tool kit with an air pump in the boot space under the sheets. They are an immobilizer key entry system in the car. 


Suzuki Alto Price in Pakistan


Suzuki Alto has become very popular in Pakistan. The current price of this car in the Pakistan market has started from 1,198,000 PKR to 1,633,000 PKR




The build quality of the interior is very premium and it’s better than the previous car of Suzuki. I think this is a huge improvement. The dashboard comes with a gray and dark gray combination two-tone color. Not just dashboard this color combination has also been applied to the doors. 


The steering wheel is quite dull. If we talk about the speedometer it’s analog type. Drivers can see only speed, fuel average, range, trip A-trip B, and the fuel indicator in the speedometer. There are 2 cup holders on the front side and the backside. 


The climate control in the dashboard is analog. The position of the gear is nonconventional. This car offers beautiful infotainment in the upper dashboard. In this infotainment, there are available every type of modern system.


 Other systems like Bluetooth, music system, dial pad works pretty well. There is no reverse camera. Which is very annoying. If we say in short, there are every kind of practical system in the dashboard. 


Suzuki Alto Engine


The Suzuki Alto offers an R series 660 CC 3 cylinder engine. If we see into the bonnet, every component is very compactly packed. In here you will see an AGS unit. Which is the car’s Auto Gear Shift unit. With that, you will find an ABS brake unit


This car’s R series engine can produce 39 horsepower. This car’s most selling point is its fuel economy. This car runs with optimal power. This car’s acceleration is very decent. The condition of the AC is decent for those 2 who will sit on the front side. But those who will sit in the backside then this will be very compromising for them if it’s a hot summer day. This car’s fuel average is mind-blowing. If you want to feel this, you have to drive this. 


Final Conclusion


This car is a fabulous car in this price range. Car is not affordable for all. Many peoples drive a car to earn their livelihood. But they failed to buy a good car because of their poverty. So, this car is a big advantage for them. Not just for them, those who want to have a car for a small family this car can be a great choice. 


Suzuki is an international brand. Their service is outstanding. Everyone can trust their service. They provide a perfect guarantee and warranty for all cars. Not just this car, every Suzuki car’s are the best in their price range. So, Suzuki cars are the best choice. 

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